Spree Music with Me: The Lemonheads

The Lemonheads at Shepherds Bush Empire, September 2005, courtesy of Stuart Goodwin

The other way I come across music is by reading liner notes. So, if you’re paying attention (and you’re ostensibly me), that means you read liner notes, work at a radio station, and follow up on your references to find good music. Sounds kinda boring when its put like that. Anyway, that is, as I illustrate over at Buffalo Spree, how I found The Lemonheads.

The way I stumbled across The Lemonheads, as most of my musical discoveries occur, was due to another band, in this case it was the Barenaked Ladies. While listening BNL’s song “Jane” I came across a reference to The Lemonhead’s lead singer Evan Dando and former band mate Juliana Hatfield’s rumored intimate relationship. So off I went into tracking down any information I could about them and their band. How I had managed to avoid the heavy press Dando, Hatfield and the band was receiving is still a mystery, considering the exposure they received starting with 1992’s now classic It’s a Shame about Ray and continuing with 1993’s follow up Come on Feel the Lemonheads.  As it turns out, I crossed The Lemonheads’ path just as they were slipping off the radar in 1997, after a couple messy and chaotic records.

You can read the rest of the article at Buffalo Spree, which includes acouple of videos from a recent performance. Here’s one of my favorite songs by The Lemonheads, “Allisons Starting to Happen” from that same show in Philly.


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