Spree Music with Me: Great Lake Swimmers

The following is part of a true story, and also one of the best ways to find great music (SPOILER: work at a radio station):

Deep inside a bin of leftover promo CDs, two albums sat waiting to be opened, reviewed, and enjoyed. Neither of these discs, or the surrounding leftovers, had been given more than a cursory listen by the staff at the college radio station I worked for at the time. Which was understandable, as there were, and continues to be more music released than can be consumed by any individual. The first of these discs would be set aside for six months, revisited, and loved, seeping its way into my life song by song. Conversely, the second album let me sail into its textures upon first listen. That first disc was Okkervil River’s Black Sheep Boy and the second was Great Lake Swimmers’ Bodies and Minds.

You can read the rest of the post over at Buffalo Spree, and check out a live video of the band performing “Bodies And Minds” below.


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