Spree Music with Me: Return to Forever Review

On Monday I saw a band I learned about the Friday before. Not such an odd occurrence typically, but this was the legendary Return to Forever, and opening for them was Zappa Plays Zappa. I wrote a review of the experience in my bi-weekly column over at Buffalo Spree. Here’s a snippet from the post:

Almost every seat was filled at UB’s Center for the Arts on Monday night. I sat in mine with a simple benediction my fellow attendees bestowed upon me before heading in: “I’m so jealous that you’re seeing these guys for the first time.” The double bill of Return to Forever and Zappa Plays Zappa is not a show you would have caught me at before, oh let’s say, last Friday. That’s when I was subject to a marathon session of audio research by fellow music aficionados, who gave me the same jaw-dropping eye-popping expression I’ve been known to give when I realize someone’s missing a huge piece of music knowledge.

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about jazz. I’ve dabbled here and there with some of the larger figures of the sound, but never put the time and patience into any further investigation. To take this a step further, Jazz Fusion is something I didn’t consider my palate ready for, even after digesting Miles Davis’ masterpiece, Bitches Brew. This weekend I had no choice but to embark into some challenging waters. Two drummers, a bassist, and a pianist got me plugged in and primed for what I was going to hear at the show….

You can read the rest here, and watch an audience member’s short video of the performance below. Couldn’t tell you the song, but it was just about the end of the show.


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