Thinking Honestly of Leaving Your City

The stairs leading up to the Failures’ Union‘s practice space were familiar–in a good way. I’ve been in a number of North Buffalo and University District attics for a myriad of reasons, most of which have been for practices, shows, or recording sessions. They really make excellent practice spaces, generally because they exist in abundance, and thanks to the property value in Buffalo area, are a relatively cheap option when compared to many other cities and options. The low cost of living in Buffalo has been touted for years by artists and city boosters alike. Here you can find cheap, empty rooms, with neighbors who are not very picky about the noise level, and you can be sure to find bands willing to share that space. Attic practice spaces are almost as much a part of my overall live music experience as basement shows are to fans of hardcore. “Buffalo is one of the easiest cities to be a band,” begins Jason Draper, bassist for Failures’ Union. “Rent is so cheap. It’s so burnt out, there are tons of places to practice. One of the only things to do at night is to go see bands.”

Over at Buffalo Rising, I’ve got the rest of this feature on the Failures’ Union. Check it out.


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