You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!

Creating a piece of art is not an easy task. The process is filled with tension and upset, false starts, dead ends, speed bumps, pot holes and–now that I’ve run out of highway metaphors–failure. What an artist does after a failure–a vision not successfully carried out, let’s say–is what makes the art important. As I’m sure most Buffalonians can sympathize with–getting down on yourself in the face of failure doesn’t bring you out of the funk. Changing the perspective, and finding the worthwhile and positive aspects of your work, and your situation lets you return to the canvas to paint, shoot, write, whatever and return to being a citizen.

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room can be classified as a failure. …

You can read the rest of my review of  The Room over at Buffalo Rising. They’ve even got a little audio conversation between fellow BR writer Mackenzie Lambert and I–we go in-depth on our reactions to the film.


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