…Love, We Had to Learn to Survive

I finally caught the film adaptation of The Road yesterday. It was snowing, as it usually will in January by Lake Erie, and it marked a peaceful and quiet time of the evening. As I watched a very faithful import of a novel to the screen, the film struck some very familiar chords, beyond the struggle of survival.

What does it mean to be a parent in any time? Would I make the same choices as The Man did, faced with the same situation? For the first time–at least the first time I’ve had the wherewithal to articulate–I understood the emotional core of what I suspect is a grand totem of what fatherhood means in the modern world. I’ve had a number of fabulous examples in my life, from my grandfather and father. I even have some additional examples from mentors and hero-artists. Most conspicuous as of late, is Michael Chabon and his book “Manhood for Amateurs”.

Maybe it was the connection of the two works that really got me engrossed in my questions of preparedness. I think it may be a number of threads that are beginning to weave themselves together, which I’ve noticed in a new light only recently, as events force me to confront those issues head on and come up with an answer.

2010 is going to be good in so many ways. Not because of hope, but because of action. Here’s to it.


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