One Grips The Lungs, One Brains The Head

After about a year of intermittent functionality, my iPod finally kicked the bucket. It no longer accepts input from the click wheel, so it has become useless when I go out for a run, want to listen to an album, or do pretty much anything but charge the battery. All is not lost, it has found re-animation in the bowels of my car’s arm rest (a 2008 Scion tC, in case you were curious), and its built in cable, which allows full functionality through the stereo.  The bad news is, I’ve already noticed the quality difference between mp3s and the CDs I’ve been moving back and forth between the car and the house. I wonder how long it’ll take for me to stop noticing it. Not long I’m sure.

Because of the undead nature of my iPod (really–it barely registers as alive and working, and because the music is so easy to get to, it can surely eat my brain with rock and roll), I stumbled back into some Okkervil River today.  Their songs brought me some much needed inspiration, which coincided with some conversations I’ve been having recently, with friends and loved ones.  So I’m playing tonight. I’d be lying if I insisted making the time to blog  didn’t help and support this habit. I like to think of it as an indicator more than anything–of good things to come.

Now I’ve got to suck it up and get a shuffle for running, or keep running without music. What a novel concept.


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