Acting The Part

Hello Autumn, and hello to the big freakin’ early October storm which raised the lake level yesterday.

It has been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve been drained, and overwhelmed with projects that haven’t been giving me a moment’s rest. Or allowing me the wherewithal to take time to write. Though I’ve come away with a lot, there always seems to be so much more to get done. Projects just keep on coming, and yet I can’t any further forward–I’m swarmed by requests and good ideas. Yes I can help–we’ll let no one be devoured! That’s only left me as the one in trouble; trailing the survivors, and being held back.

As Halloween approaches the number of zombie sightings increases, even locally.  Buffalo has it’s very own Zombie Walk, and to make the run up to the holiday even more fun, Ghostlight Theatre is presenting a performance of The Night of the Living Dead. I’m excited about these performances, and you’ll be able to find me at both of them. Probably not in costume for the walk, however, since I’ve been pretty much acting the part for a few months.

It is well past time to be taking advice from my favorite  late 80’s soundtrack , and take control. Thanks Bobby Brown!


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