They Just Keep Coming…

I received a new game for my birthday, from Hugh & Jer, called Zombies!!! (distributed by Twilight Creations Inc.).  It is a tile game, and it lets you play as a survivor trying to escape the zombie horde and any zombies in your way as you head towards the heliport for escape. I already love the cards, and the weapons, and the tiles, and the short rules. 

Sunday, we played the first five-player game of Axis and Allies I’ve played since high school. There are many rules to this game. We had to keep checking them. The fucking thing lasted for eight hours, and ended in historic fashion, because I am terrible at playing Germany. I’m nowhere near aggressive or detailed enough after 5 beers, and loads of junk food, to keep that country alive. Anymore at least; I used to be able to play like a champ when I was 16. I think this really is a sign that I’m getting old.

We haven’t gotten enough of us together to throw down on Zombies!! yet, but it’ll happen. I hope it is as cool as Zombie Fluxx.  OK, cooler than Zombie Fluxx.


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