You Gotta Spend Some Time, Love

It has been a long strange couple of weeks after the 4th. I believe I’ve had one thing after another to do. Unfortunately being so busy comes with a price: not being able to do what you want. Obviously I haven’t updated in a while.

I’ve started a video project with Max, as well as another fun video site, which isn’t ready for the public yet.

Also, I discussed books, films and philosophy with him and Pat. Interestingly enough, it is the third time I’ve heard about Cormac McCarthy in three weeks. So if The Road is good (it won some sort of prize or something), then I’m going to have to check out Blood Meridian too. Unrelated, but important: the same thing happened to me with Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, about a year ago, and I still haven’t read it.

I have stacks of books that need to be read.

Finally, I was able to tour the Darwin Martin house over the weekend, as well as to see Edwin Dickinson’s An Anniversary for the upteenth time, and introduce yet another artist to his work. More people should know about him; his dark, brooding and psychosis-filled paintings with their seashells and painted dreams. If I could ever write one sentence that well–I probably would be a painter. I wish I could see the Ruins At Daphne again, or even Shilo, or anything. That sounds like something to make a vacation out of, eh? For now, I’ll just content myself any Friday I want, to go see An Anniversary for free. I’ll keep that Dickenson tour of galleries in the back of my mind.


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