Can I Have A Nature Change?

NPR had a story yesterday, about something I talked about back in April.  Granted it covers a lot of ground on the idea of Zombie Culture Permeation (ZCP) compared to my slightly self-absorbed assesment, but they really talk about the same thing: Zombies have become a large obsession in our culture.

Is it because they’re so easy to destroy, the us that isn’t us (as I paraphrase Max Brooks)? The article is good, but it doesn’t ask the most important question: why are zombies so important now? Why not ten years ago? Could the popularity of Zombie media be akin to cycles of malaise and depression in the culture? Or are we just getting somewhat lazy in our satire (considering how we talked about making “My One Zombie Film” at the alma mater, as if it was a requirement to graduate)? I would like to think that it was linked to cultural cycles, but I’m more inclined to agree with the latter point. Especially considering how adaptable of a metaphor Zombies can be; something that adaptable is bound to evolve with its environment.


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