The Fundemental Fact That No One Owes You Something

HOW was loads of fun. I met some amazing folks, attended some great events, lost some posters, saw John Vanderslice and his new band (got to sing “Keep The Dream Alive”, just like these folks did in Orlando a couple years ago, but we had a flute, and more of the FLA folks seemed to know the song), went to Emo’s, . Of course, I picked up a few books: Zombie Haiku, Away We Go, and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

I wasn’t into the conference at first, but it grew on me. There were a number of talks about creativity, organization, and passion for what you do, and how you interact with the customers, projects, and people in your daily sphere. What there wasn’t a lot of was talk about understanding people, or even being understood, but that’s not something this conference was about.  That’s what I was there for, as a writer and a filmmaker first, and a graphic designer second, I felt a little out of place, or at least pushed myself away, and made it like that, comfortable not fitting in to the crowd.

As soon as I dropped the stigma of not being a wholly passionate graphic designer, I loosened up enough to realize I was surrounded by loads of creative people, who just wanted to be around other creative people. That’s all I wanted too. When I understood that, the conference opened up to me like the nearly cloudless sky above Texas.


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