Busy, Busy, Busy

I’ve been feeling like a zombie lately.

The stuff over at Nickel City Chef has been keeping me really busy, so I haven’t even been able to consider how great a read World War Z was; I finished it almost two weeks ago. I certainly haven’t been able to concentrate on any of my own projects. I did finish mixing the tracks from the semi-secret IMF4 a few weeks ago, and they sound better, but far from great. Which means that they’re successful. After I put this first taping behind me, and get back from Austin, I’ll make the time get that out.  The priorities now are working on GOTZ, QS, and to finish reading Existentialism is a Humanism.

Thems the breaks, and it is fun, and it is rare to get an opportunity to not only help a friend, but to write, direct, and shoot a live event, with your close friends and associates. At least its been rare since 2003. NCC is an event I believe in too.  That really makes it worth all the effort. That is also why I’m being unfair at calling my energy level a form of the walking dead: I’m not staggering through my day, this is what I believe my life should be. That’s the most exciting part.


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