“…You And Your Future.”

The 4th annual Immediate Music Festival© happened yesterday, in all of its immediate and semi-secretive glory.  The tracks need to be mixed down, so it’ll be about a week or so before the MP3’s get posted.  I’ll put a few of them up when they’re ready.

At the event, there was grilling, candy, a ton of beer, and six glorious tracks of immediately written music.  The songs written were of various topics, 2 involved robots, another John Voight, and a final one involved a prominent modern author who dressed like a milkman, while the others—though less referential—made us laugh out loud and cheer upon completion.  There were no zombies, but I’m not surprised.

All the cleaning and re-arranging unearthered an old notebook, which contained my pre-production information and report on the film. I knew I had it somewhere, and now I know where.  Busy busy busy, as Bokonon would say.


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