So Close To Something Better Left Unknown

In two days, a semi-secret annual occurance will take place once again in Buffalo, NY. I’m jazzed about it. There will be photos, and rock and roll.  Maybe even a cello, which would blow my mind, thanks to a random meeting at Hardware last night.

I completely missed the drop-off dates for the grand opening of the WNYBAC, so the GOTZ book didn’t make it in.  Hell, I didn’t even finish receiving the supplies for the damn thing yet.  Or finish writing the essays. But I’m getting there. The new due date is targeted for the 19th of June.  Mostly because of my involvement with Nickel City Chef and my attendance at HOW.  I’ve learned, mostly from the other projects, to not let too many projectss overlap, because they tend to stress me out. But I do like being busy, and I am getting busy.  So the key is to make sure I stay productive, accomplish what I need and stay positive.  Otherwise, its Zombies.


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