Hell On Wheels

If I was a girl, I think that would be my Derby name.  Cause at the very least I’d want to be part of a the fantastic, powerful, and what appeared to be fun-loving group of girls that make up the Queen City Roller Girls, Buffalo’s own 5-team Roller Derby League. I think that name might be a little obvious.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking in a match, where the Devil Dollies put the hurt on the Nickel City Knockouts 116 to 94. I had a great good time, and got spotted with some friends at the event. I had never been to a Derby before Saturday, and the only preconceptions I brought in was that girls were going to be knocking into girls on rollerskates.  Met and exceeded.  Then, at the half, bread was tossed out to the audience.  I still don’t know what the hell that was all about, but it was fun. Next time I’m gonna catch me one of those.  What a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday night, with $3.00 beers, and not a bad seat in the house; you’re in by 7:30 and out by 10.  I’ll be there again.

Maybe someone can make up a game where you can find your Derby name like you find your porn name, or who you’re supposed to marry or something. Well kiss my grits. I love you internet, especially when you talk derby to me.  Hopefully I’ll see you there on the 30th.


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