I’ll Be The Atheist In Your Zombie Survivor Posse, Anytime

I bought a plant, and became a vegetable for a few hours Sunday afternoon, thanks to my first experience with Left4Dead on the XBox 360.  I spent a lot of the time getting confused and adjusting to the controls (I am not an avid player of video games), and then exploring the single player offline campaign.  Games like these are the reason I do not have too many consoles, because they’re so much damn fun, and it looked gorgeous too.  Not only did it have the feel and texture of a horror film, the music and the infected are evidently controlled by a separate AI, called The Director. Aptly named, this AI adapts to how you, the gamer, plays the game through musical stings and sounds, as well as placement of the infected throughout each zone.  Now I may be behind the times here, because I don’t keep up on video game tech and such, but does this sound like the future to anyone else? A multi-player, online cooperative video game, that can tailor to your style of play through sound and skill, giving you an individual experience, that looks and feels like you’re in a horror movie? There’s no wonder it got so many awards according to Wikipedia.  I can’t wait to play again.


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