“Life is so dumb, I can’t even stand it.”

A friend of mine came up from Pittsburgh this past weekend, and we spent Saturday running around town, eating, drinking, and catching this band Crappy Dracula.  Their website reads with a little pretension, even after you’ve seen them live. As I suspect is the case with most bands, they were much better than their website.  I suggest navigating over to their MySpace page if you have a moment and get a listen.  They’re at once hilarious (a little too much I suspect for most folks), and equally sad, angry, and depressed at the same time. They reminded me ever so slightly of Kurt Vonnegut, if he never picked dead bodies out of Dresden and grew up listening to power pop and punk in the suburbs. So basically they reminded me of a slightly more death obsessed and funny Green Day. Did I mention they’re good, and that I had a fantastic time at the show? I just did. It only cost $5 and it went to Sugar City.  That’s winning.


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