On a whim, late this past Easter Sunday, I picked up Kurt Vonnegut’s posthumous collection Armageddon in Retrospect.  Despite The A.V. Club’s luke-warm review, I’m very much enjoying the read.  Of course, I’d probably enjoy pretty much anything new from him, even if its old, unpublished work.  So would most of his fans, as you may be able to judge from the comments.

There are times I can’t see my way through a lot of my own writing and mistakes, but a little KVJr. makes it better.

I am considering pushing through the “Gift of the Zombi” project for the members exhibition at the WNY Book Arts Collaborative, I’ll consider this, and maybe put the writing together this weekend.  There will be plenty of time to handwrite and list, and draw while I’m on the plane.


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