I asked Pete the following question, with the others when I spoke to him last: Do you think there was some greater influence of Zombie Culture at work at the time you made this film?  I was really trying to find a connection that may not have been there, but I had seen a curious rise in Zombie movie production around the time we were making our respective films.

Pete’s response:
“Honestly, I’m not too sure about that. I was pretty ignorant of zombie culture (heck, the first draft of the script had the zombie speaking – that’s a no-no!). Really I was more influence by my friend Eric, who wrote several zombie scripts that I really enjoyed reading. It was something I was new to and wanted to try out.”

No harm in that.  But then a friend sent me this article and my Zombie movie conspiracy brain went into overdrive.  Were we at the early stages of a cultural movement to love Zombies?  I’m not sure.  I’d like to think we could ride a synchronicity wave that had nothing to do with Sting, but maybe that kind of stuff happens in film programs. Especially with hardcore fans like Eric.

Full disclosure: next weekend we’re holding an apocalypse movie party, zombies are encouraged.


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